Igor Kulman

About me

Doing mobile applications development for over a decade, currently building iOS applications after the death of Windows Phone. I helped build privacy focused applications as an iOS developer in the ProtonVPN team at ProtonMail or the industry leading corporate secure messaging application at Teamwire.

Obtained my master’s degree in Computer Science from the Charles University in Prague (the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics) focusing on Software Engineering.

This blog mostly covers my programming experience venturing into the world of iOS and Swift and my previous dealing with Windows Phone and Windows development. You can also find some rants here, because I do not like when stuff breaks.

Take a look at my open-source software to get a better understanding of my work.

I also write a blog in Slovak about non-programming stuff, check it out if you are able to read it.

If you want to know more about the way I work, read my interview about working from home, check out my macOS and iOS work setup or listen to a podcast episode about my experience trying to pitch a proposal for Swift.

Want to get it touch with me? Send me an email to igor@kulman.sk or find me at @igorkulman@hachyderm.io.