Creating animations of your apps

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so whenever I create an issue, a pull request or write a blog post about and application or some visual stuff I include a relevant image. Sometimes an image is not enough and an animation is needed to better describe the issue, or show the content of your pull request.

There are some good tools to help you to create animations like this on both Windows and macOS.

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Solving problem after upgrading Windows 10 to EFI

When I upgraded my Windows 10 installation to the Creators Update I wanted to take advantage of the new MBR2GPT.EXE tool. This tool allows you to upgrade your Windows 10 installation to EFI without having to reinstall or loosing any data. My motivation for moving to EFI installation was to be able to boot Windows 10 from Clover, the macOS bootloader in my hackintosh installation, making switching between Windows 10 and macOS easier without involving the BIOS boot menu.

The upgrade from MBR to EFI went fine on both my desktop computer and my Thinkpad but there were a few thing that needed fixing afterwards.

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Fixing first annoyances with Bash on Windows

When you enable the Linux Subsystem on Windows in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update so you can use Bash and all the GNU utilities, you may encounter a few annoyances like strange error messages, wrong language settings, etc. Here is how to fix the ones I encountered.

Adding Bash to cmder

If you use cmder, you can add a new Bash task like this.

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