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Succinctly series of free books for programmers

· Igor Kulman

I have recently come across an intreresting project by Syncfusion, a company providing software components for the Microsoft platform.

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  <img src="//www.syncfusion.com/Content/en-US/Downloads/Images/Ebooks/fsharp-succinctly.PNG" width="120" height="160" />

  <img src="//www.syncfusion.com/Content/en-US/Downloads/Images/Ebooks/iOS_succinctly.PNG" width="120" height="160" class="alignnone" />

The have created a series of books for programmes called the Succinctly series. The goal of the series is to create 50-100 pages ebooks covering various topics. Each book should give you an introduction to the topic inc a succint way, so you do not have to read thick books or spend time finding relevant blog post covering the selected topic.

All the 20 books covering topics like Data Structures, iOS, Windows Store apps, F#, Git, Gis, HTTP, JQuery, Knockout.js ann many more ale completely free and promise to stay free forever, including all the updates. They are all available in PDF and Kindle format.

I have read two books so far; Git Succinctly and F# Succinctly. They were both well written and I would recommend them to programmers wanting to learn about those technologies.

The Syncfusion Raffle!

Syncfusion offers for all the readers of this blog to get one of three free licenses for their products. The winners can choose between Essentials Studio for Windows Phone and Essentials Studio for WinRT.

To enter the raffle:

  1. Before October 1st 2013: send out a tweet containing the #ebooks and #Syncfusion hashtag, and a link to this blog post. For example: Free #books for programmers by #Syncfusion http://bit.ly/151KgQ0.

  2. Grab the permalink, and post the link to your tweet as a comment to this blog post, including info if you would like to win Windows Phone or WinRT components (make sure you use a valid email address to comment, I need to be able to contact you if you win!)

One entry per person, normal contest rules apply. If you don’t have twitter, just post the message on your blog, Facebook, G+ …

The winners will be announced on October 1st 2013.