Custom DateTime deserialization with JSON.NET

Sometimes you cannot influence the design of the API you have to use and wonder, why the API uses so strangely serialized DateTime and how to handle it using JSON.NET.

Luckily, JSON.NET makes plugging in custom serializers / deserializes quite easy. There are a few base classes to help you write your own converter, when dealing with DateTime you want to inherit the DateTimeConverterBase class.

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Processing JSON in .NET

JSON is a very popular format for exchanging data, especially in the world of web technologies and JavaScript. The .NET platform contains a native support for this format but a better alternative is to use the JSON.NET library.


JSON.NET is a flexible JSON serializer for .NET with LIQN support. The biggest reason for using this library is its performance in comparison to the standard DataContractJsonSerializer. The easiest way to use the library is to use the Nuget package.

JSON.NET is very easy to use; first you create a JObject instance

JObject o = JObject.Parse(jsonString);
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