Enabling and disabling hardware devices with PowerShell

I have a built-in fingerprint reader on my Thinkpad notebook that I use for loging in almost exclusively. I say almost because since I upgraded to Windows 10 it sometimes just stops working when the computer wakes up from sleep. I found out that to make it work again I have to go to the Device Manager, find it, disable it and enabled it back again.

Of course, I was looking for a way to automate this, because I do not think that this issue will be fixed any time soon by Microsoft or Lenovo. I found out there is a PowerShell cmdlet that expose device enumeration and management APIs. Using this cmdlet I wrote a simple PowerShell script to the the work.

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Automatically push your Git repos before computer shutdown

I use two computers, my desktop computer located at home and set up for work and play and a work notebook (company provided) that I usually leave at the office. I use both computers for work and sometimes I forget to do ‘git push’ when working at my home desktop computer. The next day, when using the work notebook, I wonder where the code from the previous day has disappeared.

Of course, I can solve it by connecting to my home Raspberry Pi through SSH, waking the desktop computer over LAN from it, connecting to it using Remote Desktop to do the ‘git push’ .. not really a simple solution, there must be a better way.

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