About the decline in software quality

In the last few months I have been noticing a huge decline in software quality on every device I use. It seems to me like bad quality software is a current trend, especially for big corporations like Microsoft or Apple. Even though I consider Apple more of a “fashion company” than a “technology company” I think it is unacceptable for software from such big companies to works as bad as it does.

I am programmer so I know that software has and always will have bugs. My points is not buggy software in general but that software contains more bugs with every release and that stay unfixed.

Windows 10

Windows 10 updates are where I notice the software quality degradation the most. I cannot remember a bigger Windows 10 update that did not break something for me or millions of other users (like the Anniversary Update breaking millions of webcams). I do think this is because of my hardware configuration. I experience all the problem usually on both my laptop and my desktop computer.

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The sad state of DVLUP (MS Tech Rewards)

If you are a Windows Phone developer you must know DVLUP. It was a program for developers developed by Nokia. The idea was simple. Do Windows Phone development related challenges, make your apps better thanks to them, get points, exchange points for rewards. Sounds good, does it not?

Interesting, but location dependent

The problem with DVLUP was that it was location dependent. It opened in my countries maybe two years after US and developers from other “more important” countries could participate. The challenges were also location dependent, showing me only a small subset in my country. But they were interesting. They made me implement some new stuff into my apps that I would not do otherwise. And I got points for doing them. When I wanted to exchange the points for some rewards, there were not that many available in my country. No phones or other hardware like in the US. A Steam gift card was the only useful think that I could get. But I did not mind, I liked doing the challenges.

And then Microsoft bought Nokia and slowly DVLUP turned into MS Tech Rewards.

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