Using Sublime Text 2 as F# REPL

Sublime Text 2 is a great multi-purpose text editor that you can run on Windows, MacOS and Linux. You can configure Sublime Text 2 to higlight and compile F# files and even to use F# Interactive and make it a F# REPL. Using Sublime Text 2 as F# REPL is useful when you work on MacOS and Linux (F# 3.0 works great with Mono) and cannot use Visual Studio 2012. If you are new to Sublime Text 2, check out the Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course.

Installing necessary packages

In order to use F# Interactive in Sublime Text 2, you have to install a few packages first. All the packages can be installed using Sublime Package Control. You need to install the following packages:

  • F#
  • SublimeREPL
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