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Logging crashes in a Swift iOS application

· Igor Kulman

When you have an iOS application running in production, you probably want to know if and why it crashes, so you can fix all your bugs as soon as possible.

There are many good services like HockeyApp that can help you with that, but sometimes you are not allowed to use any 3rd party service for this. In this case you have to look for another solution how to get info about all your iOS application crashes and process it by yourself.


Looking for a crash reporting solution I found PLCrashReporter. This library seems to be kind of a standard for crash reporting, used by the already mentioned HockeyApp and many others.

It is a Objective-C framework with latest version from 2014, but it still works and you can use it in your Swift application.


After downloading the latest PLCrashReporter and adding it to your project as a linked framework, you need to import it in bridging header

#import <CrashReporter/CrashReporter.h>


In the application I currently work on I use CleanroomLogger for all the logging, giving the user the ability to export all the logs and send them using the standard iOS share.

When the application crashes and is opened again, I want to get the crash report and log it. Your use case may be different, you may want to send the crash report to your server, etc.

extension AppDelegate {    
    func setupCrashReporting() {
        guard let crashReporter = PLCrashReporter.shared() else {

        if crashReporter.hasPendingCrashReport() {

        if !crashReporter.enable() {
            Log.error?.message("Could not enable crash reporter")

    func handleCrashReport(_ crashReporter: PLCrashReporter) {
        guard let crashData = try? crashReporter.loadPendingCrashReportDataAndReturnError(), let report = try? PLCrashReport(data: crashData), !report.isKind(of: NSNull.classForCoder()) else {

        let crash: NSString = PLCrashReportTextFormatter.stringValue(for: report, with: PLCrashReportTextFormatiOS)! as NSString
        // process the crash report, send it to a server, log it, etc
        Log.error?.message("CRASH REPORT:\n \(crash)")

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