Igor Kulman

Pock8: beautiful Pocket client for Windows Phone

· Igor Kulman

Recently I have released a new Windows Phone app called Pock8. Pock8 is a beautiful Pocket (formerly Read It Later) client for Windows Phone. The design of the app was created by Jan Marek who worked with my on the Shopping List Simple app.


Our goal was to create a Pocket client that would be really easy to use and that would have a nice and simple design. I think we have achieved our goal. The main features of the app are

  • clean and simple design
  • optimized article view for comfortable reading
  • article cache for offline reading
  • dark theme for OLED screens or reading in the dark
  • support for receiving articles from other apps like WPCentral
  • listening to articles aloud
  • sharing articles

In version 1.2 we really concentrated on user feedback and added many features that our users requested. We love and users and want to make them happy.

The app is free to use with one limitation, all the list display just 5 articles at any time. You can use an in-app purchase to get rid of the limitation and support further development of the app.

For more info about Pock8, follow the app on Twitter at @pock8app.


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