Igor Kulman

Removing unused strings from Windows Phone 8 RESX files

· Igor Kulman

Using RESX files is the standard approach to Windows Phone 8 app localization, it is even contained in the standard project templates. When you work on a project for a longer time, you may get to a situation that your RESX files contain strings that you no longer use. This is a problem especially when you want to add a new localization, because it is slower and kind of wasteful localizing unused strings.

To solve this problem I have created a simple command line utility, that is available at Github. This utility assumes that you use the standard localization approach from the templates (AppResources.{lang}.resx and LocalizedStrings.{value} in XAML).

The usage is really simple. Just run the utility with the path to your project as a parameter. It will detect all resources files and remove all the unused strings from them.

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