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Web scraping with Swift

· Igor Kulman

In a few projects in the past I needed to do web scraping to get some data from websites that did not offer access via an API. I was using C# at the time and scraping web with Html Agility Pack was quite easy.

I now spend most of my time in macOS because of work projects so when I needed to do some web scraping again I did not want to install and set up Mono to do it again in C#. I decided to go with Swift, as I am now quite comfortable with the language after 4 years of using it daily.


The first thing I need to do was to found some library to parse HTML, some Swift equivalent to Html Agility Pack. I found SwiftSoup.

SwiftSoup allows you to access DOM in HTML documents and also HTML fragments. The usage is quite simple, you just need to know a thing or two about HTML.


Let’s say you want to parse the Hacker News main page and scrap posts containing some specific keywords.

This is quite an artificial example but the idea is simple. You use the developer tools in your browser of choice to see the HTML of the parts of a website that you are interested in and try to get to them descending and filtering the DOM using SwiftSoup.

You first need to read the website and parse it

let content = try String(contentsOf: URL(string: "https://news.ycombinator.com/")!)
let doc: Document = try SwiftSoup.parse(content)

Looking at the HTML you can see it uses a table layout and all the posts are in a rows of a table with a class called itemlist.

let table = try doc.select("table.itemlist").first()!
let rows = try table.select("tr")

You need to find rows that have to cells with a class called title, get the second cell and read the text nested in its hyperlink element

let title = rows.compactMap { row throws -> String? in
    let cells = try row.select("td.title")
    guard cells.count == 2, let link = try cells[1].select("a").first() else {
        return nil // wrong row

    return try link.text()

Having obtained all the titles you can now process them any way you want, like matching for keywords

let keywords = ["Apple", "macOS"]
let appleRelated = titles.filter({ title in
    keywords.contains(where: { title.lowercased().contains($0.lowercased()) })

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